June 24, 2003

For some reason, I keep thinking that I’ve seen every conceivable behavior on the road, but there’s always one more creative driver who manages to prove me wrong.

Yesterday morning, I was enjoying an unusually sunny drive to work when I suddenly noticed that the driver to my right was holding a spoon in his left hand as he navigated through the heavy traffic. As I passed him, I discovered that he was also balancing a slice of cantaloupe with his right hand on top of the steering wheel!

What other easy-to-eat meals does this guy enjoy while driving? Corn on the cob, perhaps? Or maybe a plate of crab legs from Red Lobster. Wait, I know — a carton of Chinese take-out, complete with chopsticks!

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June 5–8, 2003

Spent a long weekend with some old college buddies in Stone Harbor. We managed to salvage a pleasant Friday afternoon on the beach, but opted for a few games of bowling in Wildwood when a torrential rainstorm arrived on Saturday.

Perhaps I’ve become spoiled in this digital age, but I was a little surprised that the bowling alley lacked electronic scoreboards above each lane — in fact, the place didn’t even have those quaint overhead projectors at the scoring tables! So we shared the responsibility of manually recording our scores, which can be fairly difficult when you haven’t performed that task since your 11th birthday party.

We also entertained ourselves with a collection of animated Flash movies that my friend had downloaded from Odd Todd, one of the funniest sites on the planet. (Imagine the cartoon character Dilbert, only crudely drawn, unemployed, and wearing a bathrobe.) In a spontaneous tribute during our grocery run, we bought fudge-striped cookies and Pringles (two staples of the Odd Todd breakfast diet) for our afternoon snack.

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